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Get familiar with Finnish research centres and the Aalto University, which have placed themselves at the very forefront of water research and cover a wide range of topics that support sustainable water solutions.


Finnish Environment Institute
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Digital technologies
for smart water management
  • Development and testing of online water quality monitoring systems aiming to detect drinking water contamination
  • Development and testing of data mining systems that explore water quality information aiming to detect abnormal changes in water quality
Water utilities and climate-resilient
water services
  • Capacity building in planning of raw water intake
  • Assessment of groundwater resources
  • Consultancy in institutional development of sustainable and resilient water services
  • Assessment and planning of sustainable wastewater management
  • Stormwater management
  • Research projects focusing on identification and assessment of harmful effects related to climate change on water safety
  • Projects exploring the readiness/awareness level of water works concerning climate change
Water in industrial
use and mining
  • Management of the water balances of a mine
  • Assessment of the influence on a mine recipient
  • Assessment of the methods for restoration of the mine recipient
  • Water balance modeling
  • Data management
  • Development of web-based risk assessment protocol to assess risks related to effluent water originating from mine sites
  • Development and testing of biological monitoring techniques to determine efficiency of biological treatment of sulfate or nitrogen-rich industrial wastewater
Water know-how and capacity building
  • Hydrological forecasting
  • Flood modeling, mapping and risk assessment
  • Impact evaluation of climate change on hydrological variables, floods and lake regulation
  • Evaluation for river basin management
  • Courses on hydrologyWe can support you in designing:
  • Hydrological monitoring network
  • Data management and data quality control

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  • Development of new analytical tools to identify microbial waterborne hazards. Acquisition of Maldi-Tof device as part of the Kuopio Water Cluster program for advanced identification of aquatic microbes

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  • Tailored research services and innovative solutions in the water management chain of dryland agriculture and forestry
  • Climate-smart water management
  • Life-cycle assessment (LCA) and sustainability of water consumption and technologies
  • Water retention and soil manipulation for wet and dryland farming

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Technical Research Centre of Finland
Aalto University
Digital technologies for smart water management
  • Energy optimization and modeling
  • 5G network in water sector applications
  • Water data management ecosystem for water data spaces
  • Online leak monitoring
  • Cyber-secure water management
  • Metrology for real-world domestic water metering
  • Virtual sensors and model predictive algorithms in nutrient removal process applications
  • Digital twins in wastewater treatment plants and water networks
  • Modeling, simulation and sensor technologies in monitoring and managing water resources

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Resource recovery
and energy efficiency
/ circular water economy
  • Nutrient and metal recovery
  • Hydrogen production at wastewater treatment plants
  • Solutions for floating plastic debris
  • Membrane-based solutions for resource recovery and water reuse
  • Microplastics recovery
  • Recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen – phosphorus recovery as vivianite
  • Membrane absorption of ammonia – NPHarvest project
  • Organic micropollutants and antibiotic resistance – biological degradation of pharmaceuticals in conventional activated sludge (CAS), membrane bioreactor (MBR) and aerobic granular sludge (AGS), advanced oxidation processes
  • Energy efficiency and carbon footprint – aeration control optimization and mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions in activated sludge processes

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Water utilities and climate-resilient
water services
  • Solutions for decentralized stormwater managment
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Municipal sludge utilisation concepts
  • Green-grey infrastructure
  • Natural water retention measures for sustainable stormwater management – international collaboration
  • Asset management
  • Characterization and removal of natural organic matter from drinking water
Water in industrial
use and mining
  • Metal recovery from mining water
  • Valorization of wastewater from food industry
  • Nutrient recovery from liquid streams
  • Nutrient removal using industrial side products
Water know-how and capacity building
  • Water footprint assessment

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  • Water resources management – computational hydrology, environmental hydraulics, fluvial processes
  • Global water issues – water risk assessments, food production, water-energy-food security nexus, climate change implications
  • Water diplomacy – transboundary water cooperation, hydropower impact assessments, water diplomacy processes

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