Water situation 26.5.

The unusually large floods are on the decline in Western Lapland

Spring floods rose to exceptional heights in Western Lapland due to last week’s rain and warm weather, which quickly melted the snow.

The largest flood was in River Tornionjoki, where an unusually large flood peak, which recurs approximately once every 50 years, took place during the weekend and Monday. In the city of Tornio, the flood peak was reached on Monday morning, when the water level reached its highest level for half a century. However, the water level was clearly below the edges of the flood embankments. The water started to decline on Monday afternoon and has declined by about 80 cm by Thursday morning. Farther north, the water level in River Tornionjoki has already declined more. However, the water is still high, and many roads remain closed in the flood zone in Ylitornio and Tornio. The water level of Lake Kilpisjärvi reached its average flood peak yesterday.

A higher-than-average flood peak was also experienced at River Ounasjoki in the weekend. In the Kittilä region, the water exceeded the damage limit on Friday, and several roads were closed to traffic. The water level is falling, but still high in many places.

The last flood peak in the River Iijoki water system took place on Sunday, after which the water level in Lake Pudasjärvi has also started to decline.

In other parts of the country, spring flood peaks have already passed.

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