Created 11.9.2020

Updated 25.3.2022

This statement describes the accessibility status of (, a web service provided by Finnish Environment Institute.

The Act on the Provision of Digital Services is applied to this web service..

Current accessibility status

This website has been assessed by two external actors, Annanpura Oy and Papunet (KVA) from the perspective of achieving level AA of WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements. web service fully meets the requirements to the extent that accessibility legislation applies to web services.

In the operating logic and visual presentation of the map service, an effort has been made to ensure accessibility as far as possible. A simple map can be selected as the map template in the service. In addition, the map colours have been chosen to serve as large a group of users as possible.

Making the website’s map service fully accessible is not possible, however. The map service does not work with a screen reader, and to ensure a good user experience, the technical implementation was designed so that screen readers bypass the map service.
Some of the map service themes have been implemented in the local water situation service, in which the graphic and verbal information on the water situation is available in an accessible format.

The Chat service, which was implemented by a third party, does currently not meet the accessibility requirements. The accessibility statement will be updated in this respect once corrective actions have been completed, and if the required actions have not been taken, the Chat service will be discontinued. document bank may contain statutory documents that have been produced before the accessibility requirements entered into force. The main principle has been to save all data in an accessible format where possible. The documents will be updated into an accessible format as their data content changes.
The Expert desk service on is primarily aimed at professionals who need water information in their work. The desk contains links to tools implemented by the environmental administration, mainly before the accessibility requirements entered into force, and their accessibility cannot be guaranteed in all respects.


The following functions are not accessible, as accessibility legislation does not apply to them:

  • live audio and video broadcasts
  • online maps and map services
  • third-party content that is not funded, developed or controlled by the Finnish Environment Institute.

Contact information and feedback on the accessibility of the web service

If you would like to obtain some of the non-accessible information or services on the website in an alternative format, please email us at

Finnish Environment Institute

Latokartanonkaari 11

00790 Helsinki

Tel. + 358 295 252 001

Accessibility issues and feedback at the Finnish Environment Institute are mainly handled by the administrative and communications services. You have the right to give us feedback on the accessibility of our site. We welcome all comments, questions and suggested improvements as we wish to make our services as accessible as possible. In accessibility issues, you can contact us by email at

You also have the right to submit a request for clarification or complaint concerning the accessibility of our website to the supervisory authority if you receive an unsatisfactory response when contacting us. For more information and instructions, visit the website maintained by the supervisory authority at