Regional water clusters

Four regional clusters of innovation bring together research activities and companies for productive cooperation on topical water issues and for developing smart technologies and services related to them.

ICT and digitalization

Oulu Water Cluster

  • IoT
  • Wireless data solutions
  • Data analytics and mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Modeling
  • Cyber security
  • International collaboration

Solutions for industrial water treatment and digitalization in water sector

Kuopio Water Cluster

  • Zero-emission industry – innovative water treatment and recovery technologies
  • Smart water solutions – digitalization in the water sector
  • Environmental monitoring and modeling – pollution prevention in agriculture and industries
  • Research, development and innovation (RDI) services and mobile pilot units for onsite product development and testing

Innovative, climate-positive water management

Turku Water Cluster

  • Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) technology
  • Geological readiness, 3D modeling and flow modeling
  • High-quality know-how of circular economy
  • Recovery of wastewater resources
  • Heat recovery from multiple sources
  • Green energy and chemical optimization
  • Continuous improvement
  • Optimization of water distribution
  • Sustainable development actions
  • Carbon footprint and water

Solutions and innovations for municipal wastewater

Blue Economy Mikkeli Center of Excellence

  • Membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plant with scalable RDI and piloting facilities
  • EcoS, a unique integrated RDI platform for environmental information
  • Recycled water for industrial use
  • Resource recovery and reuse

Blue Economy Mikkeli

Finnish Water Forum

See the Finnish Water Forum page

Digital technologies
for smart water management
  • Hydrological modeling and water management
  • Smart agricultural water management
  • Networks and stormwater management
  • Smart digital solutions for mine water management (GTK)
  • Smart water solutions for water utilities (Savonia)
  • Cybersecurity and water safety (Savonia)
  • Surface, groundwater and wastewater monitoring
  • Online water-quality monitoring systems and automatic water sampling
  • Drone monitoring (Xamk)
  • Geodatabase
  • Integrated 3D hydrogeological model
  • 60-layer groundwater flow models
  • Intermunicipal water management to provide tap water production and delivery for 300,000 consumers
Resource recovery and energy efficiency / circular water 
  • Controlled drainage studies to retain water
  • Water supply and energy
  • Sludge handling and reuse
  • Recovery of critical raw materials in hydrometallurgy and wastewater treatment (GTK, Savonia)
  • Advanced technologies for sulfate and nitrogen compounds removal/recovery from mine waters and wastewaters in cold climate (Savonia, GTK)
  • Carbon-neutral milk production and nutrient reuse in agriculture (Luke)
Separation and purification methods in water treatment (LUT University)

  • Wastewater treatment and resource recovery utilizing microalgal technology (LUT University)
  • Generation of value-added bioproducts from wastewater (LUT University)
  • Advancing the utilization of sewage sludge and nutrient recovery (Xamk)
  • Enhancement and optimization of biogas processes (Xamk)
Water utilities and climate-resilient 
water services
  • Greenhouse gas emission from treatment processes
  • Stormwater handling systems
  • Predictive stormwater management and flooding prevention (Savonia)Smart agricultural water management for climate change adaption (Savonia, Luke)
  • Identification and assessment of harmful effects related to climate change on water safety (THL)
  • Adaptation of water supply to climate change (Xamk)
  • Natural stormwater and wastewater treatment methods (Xamk)
  • Water bodies and water reserve risks (Xamk)
Water in industrial 
use and mining
  • Mine water treatment – wetlands and biofilters
  • Impact of mining on water resources
  • Industrial water management
  • Closed water cycles and water reuse in water-intensive industry (Savonia, GTK)
  • Membrane technologies in industrial water treatment and reuse (Savonia, GTK)
  • Moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technologies for microbiological water treatment in cold climate (Savonia, THL)
  • Hydrometallurgy (LUT University)
  • Applications of reclaimed water (Xamk)
  • Wastewater monitoring (Xamk)
Water know-how and capacity building
  • Training on a regular basis in Finland and abroad in water engineering by University of Oulu

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  • Water safety training package (45 credits) in Finland and abroad for water professionals by University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and Geological Survey of Finland

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  • Degree programs and training modules in water technology (LUT University)
  • Education, training and development of water management expertise (Xamk)

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South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk