Society of Wetland Scientists Webinar - A Broad Scale 2,500 Acre Wetland Habitat Restoration Project in South Florida

Tapahtuma-aika: 20.7.2023 klo 20:00 - 21:00
Esityskielet: englanti
Järjestäjä: Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS)

Monthly webinars are offered as a benefit of membership. Once each quarter, in March, July, September, and December, the monthly SWS webinar is open for non-members to attend (and at no cost), as well.

Avenir is a mixed-use development in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The parent property was comprised of 4,763 +/- acres of highly altered lands, ditched and drained to support various agricultural uses for over 50 years. Over 50% of the property (2,400 +/- acres) was set aside for habitat restoration, wetland mitigation, and conservation. This webinar focuses on the approach, design, and implementation of the native habitat restoration and conservation elements of the project.