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Chemical mixing for improved sustainability

Our solution

Wetend Technologies provides an extremely fast injection mixing technology to optimize chemical usage in water treatment and sludge applications. Our main products are TrumpJet ® chemical mixers, which efficiently inject and flash mix additives and chemicals into the process flow, improving production sustainability. The solution makes it possible to gain better results with less chemicals. Our patented and innovative solution has earned its stripes serving the paper industry with more than 600 TrumpJet® systems supplied to over 30 countries. In the paper industry, chemical savings are often between 30–60%.

Benefit for the customer

  • Chemical savings.
  • Improved and more homogeneous treatment result.
  • Easier process control.

Competitive advantage

Our unique injection mixing technology is thorough and fast. It improves the efficiency of the chemicals used, leading to savings in chemical usage. Customers can achieve significant savings of around 50% in chemicals.

Customer segment

Water treatment, pulp and paper industry, mining.


Wetend Technologies Ltd is the global technology leader in mixing additives to process streams. The company is based in Finland.


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