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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Recover dissolved metals and nutrients

Our solution

Weeefiner’s 4D Scavenger® allows you to recover dissolved metals and nutrients from industrial processes and wastewater. The highly selective technology can be customized to recover valuable components and toxic elements in concentrated, high-quality form. You can reuse process elements, reduce liquid waste and even find new revenue streams. For smooth operations, Weeefiner provides customized recovery units for industrial customers. The compact and modular units can be easily integrated into existing processes. 4D Scavenger® is an ideal solution for creating closed material cycles.

Benefit for the customer

  • Recover valuable metals and nutrients from liquid waste for reuse and closed material cycles.
  • Remove toxic contaminants to comply with stricter regulatory requirements.
  • Treat water cost efficiently and significantly reduce the amount of waste.

Competitive advantage

Traditional water treatment usually results in a very high amount of unusable waste. 4D Scavenger® recovers dissolved metals and nutrients for reuse. It offers selective recovery of targeted metals or nutrients with a low need for chemicals and energy.

Customer segment

Mining industry, process industry, metal refining, runoff water and wastewater.


Weeefiner Ltd. is a Finnish greentech company that offers innovative solutions for material recovery and streamlining industrial processes.


Projects and pilots in pulp, mining, metal recycling and chemical industries. Public references include Kemira, Andritz and the Finnish Defence Forces.


Mikko Hänninen
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