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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

The amphibious multipurpose dredger

Our solution

The amphibious multipurpose Watermaster dredger is a versatile machine for all shallow water applications from dry ground to 6 meters depth. Watermaster cleans and maintains waterways by dredging, removes trash and invasive aquatic vegetation by excavating and raking, and develops riverbanks and seashores by pile driving. The first Watermaster was launched in 1986 and we have systematically developed the excellent concept ever since. Watermasters help keep rivers, lakes, canals, and other shallow waterbodies in good condition in over 80 countries around the world.

Benefit for the customer

  • Watermaster excels alone in tasks that are conventionally handled with multiple separate machines.
  • Watermaster is a self-propelled, fully amphibious vessel. It enables quick and easy mobilization.
  • Watermaster is reliable; a fully tested and documented serial product that ensures high quality.

Competitive advantage

Watermaster is easy and economical to transport and mobilize. Alone, it can do the work of many separate machines. With a large selection of quickly changeable attachments, Watermaster adapts to all your sites’ requirements.

Customer segment

Governments, municipalities, dredging and water construction companies, mining and industrial corporations.


Aquamec Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets Watermaster multipurpose machines. Watermasters are made in Finland.


We have more than 350 references in over 80 countries around the world. Our smart Watermaster technology helps keep shallow waters cleaner and healthier worldwide.

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