In Focus:
Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Wastewater treatment plants up to 500PE

Our solution

Vestelli designs and manufactures wastewater treatment plants. We specialize in wastewater solutions for less than 500 PE, which can be used in individual properties, residential areas or industry. Vestelli’s wastewater solutions are efficient and are delivered as complete, plug-and-play solutions. Our production is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Benefit for the customer

  • Save money – you can buy a tailor-made wastewater solution directly from the manufacturer.
  • Save time – you can directly discuss the project with our engineer and receive technical drawings and a quotation for a suitable wastewater treatment plant quickly.
  • Save the environment – our products are long-lasting, high quality and they purify wastewater efficiently.

Competitive advantage

We assign an experienced team to each project, who will be responsible for the project from start to finish. In-house product design and manufacturing ensures a high quality, tailor-made solution for each project.

Customer segment

Private users, recreation areas, small industry and small municipalities


Vestelli is part of the Vestelli Group, which provides wastewater solutions, liquid level sensors and related IOT services. Founded in 2010 Tampere.


More than 10,000 Vestelli products are in use throughout the Nordic countries. Vestelli systems have received the highest ratings in user surveys.


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