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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Reliable measurement solutions for water and wastewater

Our solution

Valmet offers solids measurements, valves, pumps and automation systems for water and wastewater plants. Our reliable automation solutions provide instant and continuous online solids measurement and controls to optimize, automate and improve plant processes and operations. Valmet’s flow control solutions can be customized to fit any application within the water and wastewater industry. Our valves protect the environment while keeping performance at the highest level. Our solutions allow safe and reliable pumps to withstand the most demanding process applications.

Benefit for the customer

  • Reliable solids measurements offer chemical, energy and transport savings.
  • Our valves and pumps help safely optimize flow through pump control stations and assemblies.
  • Automation systems help plants maintain business continuity with proven life-cycle security.

Competitive advantage

Industrial-quality solutions offer a complete solution for various process control and optimization needs in water and wastewater plants. Valmet’s professionals work closely with customers worldwide to provide high service availability.

Customer segment

Our solutions are widely used in water and wastewater treatment plants.


Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. With our automation systems and flow control solutions we serve an even wider base of process industries.


With an extensive installed base in municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities globally, Valmet delivers proven results.


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