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Cloud-based advisory technology for wastewater treatment

Our solution

Toihan provides cloud-based advisory technology for improving wastewater treatment process performance. Our PAULA-WWTP® is built on predictive and prescriptive algorithms that convert raw data into actionable insights automatically. The main objective is to improve the accuracy and timing of process adjustments. Since more information is available to support decision-making, mill operators can react more quickly to process changes.

Benefit for the customer

With increased process stability, customer mills have decreased their environmental load by 20–30% from earlier levels and generated EUR 0.15–0.3 million in annual operational cost savings.

Competitive advantage

Toihan successfully combined its expertise in wastewater treatment process optimization with modern cloud-based data analytics when creating PAULA-WWTP®. The support technology is scalable, and it can be integrated into existing operational mill systems.


Toihan is an expert organization specializing in pulp and paper industry wastewater and its treatment. We assist mills in maximizing the full potential of their wastewater treatment plants by:

  • Defining the best process control strategies that are most suitable for their wastewater
  • Improving control accuracy with modern cloud-based technologies
  • Being an innovative partner in process development


Public references for PAULA-WWTP® users –
Stora Enso, Holmen and MM Group.


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