In Focus:
Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Modular water pumping plant

Our solution

TerCo offers a complete water pumping station built from modules and delivered in its finished state to the installation site. The modules are easily tailored to suit any application, including chemical treatment. A gravel-based foundation and water inlet and outlet pipes are all that are required for installation. This is an excellent solution that can be used in hard-to-reach crisis areas, for example.

Benefit for the customer

  • Cost effective.
  • Easy and high-speed installation at the final location.
  • Tailor-made for the need.

Competitive advantage

TerCo provides a modular concept for scalable water flow requirements. Our systems are engineered and manufactured inside our workshop.

Customer segment

Cities and municipalities.


TerCo Engineering was established in 2011. Our main products and services are waterworks plants, wastewater handling, various types of conveyors and industrial maintenance.


Finnish cities and municipalities.


Ari Saari
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