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Compound recovery from mine wastewater

Our solution

TeVe Water’s experimental approach allows the combination of different techniques to recover prevalent compounds from mine wastewater. Our approach is based on piloting techniques and provides efficient scale-up from laboratory tests to full-scale operations. A combination of techniques, such as precipitations, ion exchange steps using various resin types and membrane technologies ranging from nanofiltration to reverse osmosis, leads to improved recovered side stream quality. This results in compounds that can be used as raw materials in different industrial branches.

Benefit for the customer

  • Zero-liquid-discharge solutions.
  • High-quality recovered side streams for efficient circulation.
  • Our network provides end users for the recovered side streams.

Competitive advantage

Instead of relying on existing solutions, we pilot novel solutions that combine different techniques. An example of our process includes precipitations followed by ion exchange and membrane techniques for side stream recovery.

Customer segment



TeVe Water represents an independent water treatment service provider for raw water, boiler water, process water and wastewater.


Callio waste-free mining.


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