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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Managing data for water utilities

Our solution

Smartvatten’s cloud service combines, visualizes and analyzes wastewater and freshwater pumping station data, highlighting problems before they even occur, reducing time on maintenance and manual labor. Using machine learning, Smartvatten’s system detects pipe blockages, leaks and other anomalies immediately, helping water utility companies keep their operations running as efficiently as possible. Real-time alerts and trend analysis help you optimize the operations of your water network.

Benefit for the customer

  • Intelligent data – Understand your operations even better with intuitive overview and knowledge easily at your disposal and reportable.
  • Ease your workload – Detect blockages, leaks and anomalies before they become a problem. Focus your maintenance and administrative efforts where they are needed, helping you plan and use your time in the most efficient way possible.
  • Customer success and support – Smartvatten has a proven track record in helping our clients understand and make the best out of their own intelligent data.
  • Protecting the environment – Saving water by preventing leaks and anomalies in the network helps minimize water loss, protect the environment and keep our blue planet healthy.

Competitive advantage

Smartvatten’s unique system and support provide the best possible user interface for your own water utilities data in your water network. Intelligent data helps you in understanding and running your operations in the most efficient manner, protecting the environment while doing it.  

Customer segment

Water utilities companies


Smartvatten is a company specializing in water efficiency. The company has offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.


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