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Online metal analysis of process liquids

Our solution

Sensmet has developed a unique patented measurement technique that allows for fully automated online analysis of multiple metals in industrial hydrometallurgical processes. Instead of time-consuming laboratory analysis, you can monitor multiple metals in industrial liquid processes in real time using Sensmet’s µDOES® online analyzer. The solution analyzes up to 30 metals, starting from the lightest weight lithium up to heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

Benefit for the customer

  • Real-time metal concentration data allows increased process yield.
  • This data also allows for improved product quality with the detection of impurities.
  • The fully automated 24/7 solution is cost effective.

Competitive advantage

Sensmet offers the first fully automated and robust solution to measure multiple metals 24/7 for the hydrometallurgical process industry.

Customer segment

Lithium-ion battery metal production and recycling.


Based in Finland, Sensmet Ltd pioneers online metal analytics of industrial process liquids, such as the production and recycling of battery metals.


Our longest-term customer, a global steel manufacturer, has used the Sensmet online analyzer for 24/7 metals monitoring in their process since 2019.


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