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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Measuring products for water and solids content

Our solution

Senfit offers a wide range of water content measurement products for liquid and solid materials using microwave and millimeter wave technologies. Today, our products are mainly used in the process industry but are not limited to that alone. We have decades of experience in customizing and manufacturing application-specific products for global instrumentation and automation corporations and system integrators.

Benefit for the customer

  • Measurement enables the optimization of energy and material consumption, which leads directly to economical and environmental benefits.
  • Senfit’s products have long been industrial standards in numerous applications. They are safe investments for a better future.
  • Safe technology for operators and the environment.

Competitive advantage

Senfit’s key advantage is decades of in-depth experience in industrial material measurements using electromagnetics. This results in using the most modern digital microwave technologies and design tools available.

Customer segment

Wastewater, oil and gas, bioenergy, pulp and paper, mechanical wood, food industry, metal industry and others.


Senfit is a world-leading design and manufacturing company specializing in industrial microwave and millimeter wave measurement instruments.


Customers we serve include Emerson, Valmet, Raute, Metso-Outotec, Berthold and Microtec.


Mikko Vuolteenaho
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