In Focus:
Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Greywater sewage cleaners and biotoilets

Our solution

Raita’s passion is to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly, sustainable products and methods for living. With our systems, we want to leave as little carbon footprint and environmental impact as possible on our earth. In addition to environmental benefits, our products are also affordable. Waste and wastewater are treated and utilized close to where they originate. In this way, acquisition and operating costs are affordable, and the systems are secure and independent. Our areas of expertise include biotoilets, greywater and rainwater purification, wastewater treatment and composting.

Benefit for the customer

  • RAITA BioBox greywater cleaners.
  • RAITA Biokem sewage cleaners.
  • RAITA Biotoilets.

Competitive advantage

Our products provide a small environmental footprint in use, and their system modularity ensures a small CO2 footprint. The products have a long lifespan of between 50–100 years. They enable waste recovery on site, eliminating the need for transporting waste.

Customer segment

Private users, recreation areas and small municipalities.


Raita’s activities in the environment field began in the 1950s. Our area of expertise is in environmental technology development and manufacturing.


Tens of thousands of RAITA products are in use in different locations. We have been providing greywater and sewage treatment purification results at the Best Available Techniques (BAT) class level for decades.


Ilkka Raita
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