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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Data-based sewer management

Our solution

Preventos Informatics Oy has developed IoT-based measurement and data analysis methods to help operators manage their aging sewer infrastructure. This development has been made in close cooperation with Finnish water utilities. A municipal sewer system can be seen as one of the most important parts of any civil infrastructure. The sewer system is a massive underground structure, which is a challenge to be managed from a network operator’s point of view. Our service covers everything from field installations to tailored user interfaces.

Benefit for the customer

  • Minute-by-minute data for deep insight into what really happens in different parts of a sewer system.
  • Data-driven knowledge on flows, leakages, blockages and other phenomena throughout the network.
  • Management cost optimization to prioritize parts of the network for cost-effective investments.

Competitive advantage

Our services are turnkey solutions for customers. We cover everything from field installations to user interfaces. Our solution suits all kinds of customers, from small water cooperatives to metropolitan-area water services.

Customer segment

Municipal water and wastewater services, water utilities.


Preventos Informatics Oy is located in Kuopio, Finland, and is part of the Kuopio Water Cluster. Our passion originates from Finnish Lakeland traditions.


Kuopio area wastewater sewer IoT surveillance system, Kuopion Vesi Oy, leakage and overflow management of Helsinki sewers, HSY.


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