In Focus:
Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Wastewater treatment from design to operation

Our solution

Operon Group is a Finnish company offering solutions for water and wastewater treatment, sludge handling and the disposal sector. Our goal is to provide customers with optimized and tailor-made solutions either from Operon’s own expertise in operation, design and sludge handling or from relevant outsourced independent services. For membrane bioreactor (MBR) filtration, Operon has created a unique approach to bring hands-on MBR commissioning and operation experience into the hands of our designers. This is fostered by a powerful OperonWay process visualization platform using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Benefit for the customer

  • Designing, building, testing and commissioning done in real process-proven steps by experienced experts.
  • Faster ramp up, less downtime and first-time-right solutions.
  • Growing problem-solving solution library – every day.

Competitive advantage

Operon offers the everyday wastewater treatment facility user tailor-made solutions in design and building principles, ensuring optimal costs and ease of operation. Our design and build principle is: “Do it like you would use it yourself.”

Customer segment

MBR wastewater treatment users, municipalities and industries.


Operon Group Oy is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient pioneer in wastewater treatment.


National: 2 designed, built and commissioned plants; one in daily operation.

Nordic: 1 plant being designed.


Jyri Koivisto
+358 40 725 9009