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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Nutrient recovery from sewage sludge

Our solution

Nanopar has developed a novel method for drying organic sludge. Our Paskíer® Process is based on vacuum-assisted, medium-wave infrared technology that dries organic sludge with an efficiency previously unattained. The Paskíer® Process consists of a vacuum-assisted infrared dryer, mill, mixer, granulator, nutrient silos and packaging. The operation is fully automatic 24/7. The technology is designed to be used on site, destroying all bacteria and pathogens. The resulting processed sludge can be used as a soil improver or, with additional nutrients, as recycled fertilizer.

Benefit for the customer

  • The most efficient thermal drying method available.
  • Lower carbon-dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) than in any other sludge treatment process.
  • Technology can be used on site.


Nanopar is a Finnish cleantech company that develops sustainable and economical infrared drying solutions for a zero-waste future.


Jaakko Kuntonen
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