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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Online environmental monitoring services

Our solution

Mittausguru provides real-time environmental monitoring solutions for demanding industrial and research applications. Our off-grid stations monitor water flow, quality, ground and weather conditions at sites in real time, all year round. We provide monitoring solutions as a turnkey service, so you can focus on the results. You can access the data through our secure cloud service. This allows you to view results, compare locations, set alarms, prepare reports and much more.

Benefit for the customer

  • Better understanding of environmental conditions at your site.
  • Environmental safety from real-time monitoring and alarms.
  • Turnkey service to cover all your monitoring needs.

Competitive advantage

Compared to manual sampling, online monitoring provides superior data and an understanding of your environmental conditions. Our customers also value the advanced cloud software, extensive range of monitoring parameters and robust installations.

Customer segment

Industrial sites, mines, fish farms, peatlands, municipalities and research projects.


Mittausguru Oy is a new company with an experienced team of environmental professionals. We are owned by the Finnish Päähöyry group, which was established in 1961.


Staff references from 20+ years of environmental monitoring in Finland and abroad. Company references include several industrial and research projects.


Sanni Eerikäinen
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