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Real-time heavy-metal monitoring solution

Our solution

Meoline has developed the MEO+ solution, which consists of a novel instrument, wireless data transfer and online data service to help industrial operators and authorities monitor real-time, heavy-metal concentrations from environmental waters. The monitoring solution can be installed in a buoy, wells or other remote locations. It can be operated by power obtained from solar panels. An alarm function sends an automatic message if the set threshold is exceeded.

Benefit for the customer

  • Tailored to work in harsh and remote locations.
  • Prevents potential environmental accidents with its early warning system.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.

Competitive advantage

The MEO+ solution relies on new innovations in maintenance and reliability. It is especially tailored to work in harsh and remote locations. The advantages of the system are its low investment and maintenance costs and outstanding robustness.

Customer segment

Environmental monitoring, the mining industry, chemical industry and authorities.


Meoline Oy is a measurement technology startup company spun off from the University of Oulu. It has just started its international operations.


Meoline has already successfully field-tested its solution in Finland and Chile.


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