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Digital dam safety solution

Our solution

KaukoInternational’s digital dam safety solution provides customers with real-time and structured information on the state of risks in a dam basin. Our solution identifies site-specific and monitored risks in advance and in a timely manner. We enhance dam safety to combat climate and environmental changes by cooperating with our partners. Our customers receive valuable information to assist them with their risk management planning and investment prioritization, so they can take preventive measures before any disasters occur.

Benefit for the customer

  • Digital solutions to monitor all dam reservoir conditions, not only the constructional safety of the dam.
  • All data from one or several dams is collected into a single dashboard to provide a good overall picture of the entire dam basin.

Competitive advantage

We provide a comprehensive solution to dam safety, rather than focusing only on constructional dam safety.


KaukoInternational is a Finland-based company and a modern trade and project house with almost 70 years of experience in international trade.


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