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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Energy and clean water

Our solution

FimusKraft’s modular, circular economy-based bioenergy system can be used as an energy source for wastewater or for a biologically polluted water basin. A polluted lake or river can be turned into a fresh water source by using a water hyacinth as an energy source and income to collect more water hyacinths to clean the water resource. It is possible to use other biowaste sources polluting the water basin as a source of electricity and heat or steam. The modular design makes it possible to run processes efficiently, ensuring fast and easy startup.

Benefit for the customer

  • Waste-to-energy using circular economy means.
  • Bringing polluted water basins back to life for use as fresh water sources.
  • Easing the investment by creating valuable energy and raw materials.

Competitive advantage

FimusKraft’s bioenergy process produces more biogas in less time than traditional anaerobic digestion. The modular design saves space and makes it easy to expand when needs grow. This modularity also helps facilitate fast startup on site.

Customer segment

Polluted water basins, food industry wastewater and wastes, smaller wastewater treatment plants.


FimusKraft is a cleantech company whose products are based on truly circular economy concepts and where waste is regarded as a source of raw material.


We have performed extensive testing with a full-scale prototype in agricultural and process industrial segments. We were awarded the European Innovation Council’s Seal of Excellence.


Ahti Koivunen
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