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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Recycling water and valuable metals

Our solution

EPSE’s patented innovation, the EPSE™ Method, is a solution to treat soluble metals from industrial processes and wastewater. Our water treatment process is based on dosing the reagents, including the EPSE™ chemical treatment and adjusting the pH level. EPSE technology works for all treated metals in one treatment round, even in very low temperatures. With the EPSE™ Method, the treated metal-free water can be recycled back into the processes or safely released into nature. The multi-metal precipitate can be further processed and recycled as valuable raw material.

Benefit for the customer

  • Very effective and easy way to clean soluble metals and reach environmental limits.
  • Possibility of closing water loops – increasing the reuse of water and using fewer natural resources.
  • Valuable metals can be recycled from the precipitate.

Competitive advantage

With the EPSE™ Method, you can treat all soluble metals in wastewater in one run, eliminating the need to have several different process steps. This leads to a simpler and easier process.

Customer segment

Metal and mining industry, metal surface treatment plants, chemical and power industry and many more.


EPSE Oy is a company specializing in the treatment of industrial hazardous process and wastewater and mining wastewater containing soluble metals.


Metal surface treatment (pickling) and mining sector customers.


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