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Oxygen nanobubble generator

Our solution

EOD Europe has developed the Nanoboost device to supersaturate irrigation water with oxygen. Oxygen is a key component of healthy plant growth and development in greenhouse farming. The functionality of Nanoboost is based on the existence of nanobubbles, which can hold up to 300% more oxygen than water normally can. This revolutionary innovation can help farmers maximize the potential benefits of oxygen-rich irrigation water, leading to healthier plants and better yield, and decreasing the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Benefit for the customer

  • Improved plant health and better yield.
  • Improved productivity with less chemicals.
  • Concrete action in the green transition.

Competitive advantage

Our validated technology application, the Nanoboost oxygen generator device, is a compact and complete solution for farmers. We offer an additional online service to optimize water parameters in the user’s environment.

Customer segment

Our customers are advanced technology companies delivering water solutions for greenhouses.


EOD Europe develops and sells chemical-free water technology applications for a sustainable and more productive food chain.


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