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3D scans to investigate pipes and earth

Our solution

Deep Scan Tech provides unprecedented 3D underground views through non-invasive surface scans, eliminating the need for digging or destructing surface structures. Our technology gives a complete view of internal structures, materials, soil types, moisture and pollutants. The 3D scans are easy to apply, scanning large areas quickly, reliably and staying within budget. New areas planned for construction can be pre-examined, or you can inspect the condition of existing infrastructure and even see what lies beneath existing buildings.

Benefit for the customer

  • 3D visibility – create views of underground pipes, structures, materials, soil types and moisture.
  • Non-invasive – no need to dig or damage structures with measurements performed from the surface.
  • Quick and easy – scan large areas quickly, reliably and within budget.

Competitive advantage

Current investigation methods commonly require breaks in service, temporary arrangements, digging and sampling, cutting traffic and other costly measures. Deep Scan Tech can perform 3D scans for inspections quickly and easily from the surface.

Customer segment

We serve infrastructure owners, builders and operators.


Deep Scan Tech is a 3D scanning company with a unique patented approach for water infrastructure inspections that can be performed from the surface.


Deep Scan Tech’s 3D scans can be used in sewer and water pipe inspections to find contaminants and reservoir leaks and for environmental monitoring.


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