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Electrocoagulation technology for water purification

Our solution

Biobros Electrocoagulation (EC) water purifying technology is based on a combination of intelligent electrical control and efficient use of water dynamics. The basic phenomena behind this technique are electrocoagulation and electrolysis. This new EC innovation is engineered in closed EC reactors, where hydrogen as a side stream can be collected for better energy efficiency. Power for the Biobros EC units can be produced with sustainable energy sources, for example, solar power.

Benefit for the customer

  • No need for chemical additions in the wastewater treatment.
  • No additional sulfides are added in the wastewater treatment.
  • Excellent treatment efficiency for many types of water and wastewater.

Competitive advantage

Biobros EC units are engineered so that the electrocoagulation process is extremely effective and demands very little physical space. The investment, maintenance as well as energy and electricity costs for a Biobros EC solution are relatively small.

Customer segment

Wastewater treatment.


Biobros Ltd is a service and supplier company specializing in water and wastewater treatment solutions based on electrocoagulation.


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