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Bio-removal of iron and humus

Our solution

Allbiron® by Allwatec is a brand-new, licensed technology to remove iron and organic matter from groundwater. Iron and organic matter, known as humus, are present in coastline groundwater in the northern hemisphere. With Allbiron®, it is possible to utilize water reserves that were previously too expensive or difficult to use. Our biobased process produces clean drinking water without the use of chemicals at only half the investment and running costs of a traditional chemical-based water purification process. In addition, Allbiron® saves more than 90% of water reserves in the process.

Benefit for the customer

  • Allbiron® uses little to no chemicals compared to traditional purifying processes.
  • Allbiron® is 50% cheaper to build and run compared to traditional plants.
  • Allbiron® is an ecological way to use groundwater that has been discarded as not being cost effective.

Competitive advantage

Iron and humus are difficult to remove from groundwater. These water reserves are mostly discarded and used only when no other possibility exists. Allbiron® relies on a simple biological process that requires only a mundane chemical to adjust the pH of otherwise discarded wastewater.

Customer segment

Municipal water treatment, industrial and agricultural water plants.


Allbiron® is a product of Allwatec Oy, which specializes in developing water supply processes and manufacturing water pipe cleaning elements.


The world’s first commercial Allbiron® process is in operation in Jeppo, Finland. Pilot plants currently operate at multiple water plants across Finland.


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