In Focus:
Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Online utilization of water data

Our solution

Soficta’s main product, AISTIO district monitoring (ADM) solution, is now combined with KeyPro’s online information system, KeyAqua. Our joint innovation provides network condition measurements and information processing in the network information system. Wireless, IoT-based measurements in the water supply network and their observations are combined with possibilities offered by the network information system to process information. This creates an excellent platform for genuine cooperation, development and internationalization.

Benefit for the customer

  • Collected data can be gathered into the network information system and used for decision-making.
  • Online information generates an overall snapshot of the network.
  • Distribution network anomalies can be detected with low-cost sensors and an intelligent platform.

Competitive advantage

ADM’s and KeyAqua’s collaboration has produced a completely new innovation to help digitalize the water industry. Our user-friendly cloud service allows customers to examine their network situation independently.

Customer segment

Water utilities, energy companies providing district heating, condition monitoring.


Soficta is a software development company with nine employees located in Salo, Finland. KeyPro provides network information systems. The company has 90 employees and is located in Helsinki.


ADM has already been successfully used in 35 district heating companies in Finland and Sweden. Now, we aim to help the water sector globally.


Sami Metsänperä
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