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Real-time metal analysis of water

Our solution

3AWater’s Multimetal Water Analysis System measures metal contents of water anywhere in less than 10 minutes. It gives simultaneously precise ppb (µg/l) levels of six dissolved metals in real time, either on site, in the field or from any other location.

Benefit for the customer

  • Optimize processes and water treatment for better production yields and savings in chemical and energy costs.
  • Manage environmental risks by ensuring regulations compliance through analysis of discharge waters.
  • Quick reaction to abnormal situations affecting water management, such as electric power outages and dam failures.

Competitive advantage

3AWater provides fast analysis. You no longer need to deliver samples to the laboratory and wait for results. The system is easy to use. Anybody can learn to use the technology after 30 minutes of training. Our system performs reliable water measurements.

Customer segment

Mining and metal industry.


3AWater is a provider of smart monitoring tools for water management and helps water-intensive industries decrease their environmental impact.


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