Water Solutions and Expertise from Finland launching event, afternoon session

Tapahtuma-aika: 1.3.2023 klo 14:30 - 16:00
Esityskielet: englanti
Järjestäjä: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Chaired by Jertta de Mazières, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

14:30 GMT+2 Opening the event

Value of Water for Business and Finnish pathways to leadership in Water Stewardship Ms Saara Leppänen, Finnish Water Forum

Key success factors of the Finnish offering and presenting the offering material from Finland Mr Risto Huhta Koivisto, Business Finland

Cases from Finland: company presentation

  • Valmet, Heli Karaila , Business Manager
  • Dewaco, Riku Granberg, Chief Executive Officer
  • Solar Water Solutions, Anna Pohjola, Chief Operating Officer
  • Deep Scan Tech, Antti Knuuti , Chief Executive Officer

16:00 GMT+2 Closing the event