Dam Removal Europe Cafe

Tapahtuma-aika: 2.3.2023 klo 17:30 - 18:30
Esityskielet: englanti
Järjestäjä: World Fish Migration Foundation

Join the 4th DRE Cafe to celebrate recent successes and learn about upcoming projects!

Like all things, dams, weirs and culverts have a lifetime, and many of them are currently obsolete. Thankfully, dam removal is no longer crazy talk and it’s getting more and more attention! Let’s exchange knowledge and insights and let’s mainstream this movement!

The World Fish Migration Foundation, the Resources Legacy Fund, Rewilding Europe and WWF invite river and restoration practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and students to the third event in a series of 1-hour, international, ”infotaining” webinars focusing on the why and how of barrier removals.

We will:

  • interview river heroes,
  • showcase unique projects,
  • share insights,
  • have fun!

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