Published on: 2.12.2019

Information produced by Finnish Environment Institute

Preparing for floods

Society prepares for floods in many ways, and individual residents in flood risk areas can also take precautions.

There are 22 designated significant flood risk areas in Finland where floods are quite likely and may cause damage to residents and affect the vital services of society. Five of these risk areas are located on the coast while the rest are on rivers and lakes, with the cities of Pori and Rovaniemi carrying the highest risk.

Climate change will increase the likelihood of damaging floods in parts of Finland. Housing is additionally becoming more concentrated and technically vulnerable to flood damage. The Flood Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Meteorological Institute prepares flood forecasts and issues flood warnings.

While river and lake regulation has traditionally been used to reduce flood risks, there are also other ways. Land use planning can stop new buildings from being constructed in flood risk areas, and specific flood risk management plans have also been drawn up for them.

Each resident in a flood risk area can prepare for a flood. You should make sure you have large waterproof bags, rubber boots, torches, drinking water and other supplies at home. You can also plan in advance how you will protect your house and its equipment.

Image: iStockphoto