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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

High-quality cleantech products

Our solution

Solid Water has delivered a large number of products and services around the world to places where both quality and functionality are most required. Contracting is also one of the most important parts of our services. Along with more than 50 great standard Solid Water products, we have some superior-rated products. Our Plastic Chain Scraper System is simply one of the best and most economical solutions for thickening and settling sludge in any industrial or municipal plant. Our Belt Filter Press Systems are also exceptional. We provide all required products for a complete dewatering system.

Benefit for the customer

  • Manufacturing facilities – all our products are delivered from our own factory. We offer the possibility for large-scale projects and fulfill customer-specific requirements.
  • High-quality Scandinavian products. We have delivered many products to municipalities and industries.
  • Direct contact to our sales or sales agents to provide the best customer service.

Competitive advantage

Solid Water offers expertise and professional advantages because of our process know-how, high-quality products and services. We provide contracting and start-up operations. Our manufacturing facilities have a wide range of international references.

Customer segment

Municipal and industrial water and wastewater plants.


Solid Water is widely recognized among our customers because of the quality of our service, know-how and high-quality products. We provide complete processes.


Plastic Chain Scraper Systems – numerous references around the world.
Belt Filter Press Systems – many deliveries, including 15 belt filter presses at one plant in Egypt.


Timo Veijanen
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