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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Improving water quality around the world

Our solution

SansOx’s OxTube is a pipelike solution that dissolves gases and mixes chemicals into the water that flows through it. The dissolving takes place in seconds or fractions of a second, creating chemical reactions to improve water quality. OxTube strips radon and carbon dioxide from potable water and precipitates iron and manganese from borewell water. OxTube removes pharmaceutical residues from wastewater and prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide. It also removes any formed, dissolved hydrogen sulfide from water. Additionally, OxTube increases dissolved oxygen in lakes, ponds and other bodies of water.

Benefit for the customer

  • Efficient dissolving with an extremely low need for energy.
  • Fast dissolving, with no need for reaction pool or tank.
  • Light solution, without need for infrastructure.

Competitive advantage

Our unique dissolving technology creates fast chemical reactions that improve water quality. It is easy to install as part of any pipeline and treats all water that flows through it, regardless of water depth.

Customer segment

Industry and municipalities, natural water systems.


SansOx is a Finnish water company that specializes in improving water quality at all stages of natural water circulation around the world.


Our solutions include removing radon, disinfecting water at fish farms, precipitating iron and manganese and increasing dissolved oxygen in lakes.


Jukka Hakola
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