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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Digitalization concept for better data use

Our solution

Operon offers a comprehensive concept – the OperonWay – for the management of data in water and wastewater utilities. The concept includes the OperonWayCore, which is a centralized way to collect and store data. The OperonWayInstinct is an intuitive way to refine and visualize centralized data. The OperonWayBeyond is a platform for the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. The OperonWay digitalization concept’s goal is to digitalize our water know-how in an intuitive and modern way. It is based on experience gathered from operations.

Benefit for the customer

  • Better use of collected big data, enhancing fact-based decision-making.
  • Learning platform for new operators in the water and wastewater sector, with experience and learnings from the past made available to all.
  • Optimization of the total supply chain for water and wastewater treatment processes – from lake to lake.

Competitive advantage

There is a lack of products for intuitive process monitoring and organized data collection methods related to water and wastewater utilities. Over the past several years, the amount of data gathered has grown, but few tools have been implemented for the intuitive and easy interpretation of available data. The OperonWay fulfills this function.

Customer segment

Water and wastewater utilities, industrial water-intensive factories.


Operon Group is a Finnish water and wastewater treatment service provider with 20 years of experience from water and wastewater utilities operation, construction, design and sludge handling.


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