In Focus:
Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Expandable network information system

Our solution

Keypro offers a comprehensive and expandable network information solution for water business experts to manage water network assets. KeyAqua is a browser-based software to document, manage, analyze and report water network assets to make daily network operations and long-term investments more fact based and efficient.

Benefit for the customer

  • Analyze and understand the condition of the network to develop better maintenance plans.
  • Keep network information up to date and share data with all stakeholders for better transparency.
  • Communicate with water users to improve customer satisfaction.

Competitive advantage

KeyAqua provides water business professionals one central view of the network. This includes the network itself, maps, customers, meters, IoT devices and other data to show all relevant information in one place and make network operations more efficient.

Customer segment

Geographic information system (GIS) solutions for water companies.


Keypro is a Nordic team of about 60 software professionals, GIS experts, and network engineers. Keypro makes software to manage, and optimize water networks so that critical infrastructure is protected and societies prosper.


We’ve made our software with tender care for over 300 different network owners worldwide, including water companies in Estonia and the Philippines.


Olli Kaukola