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Water solutions and expertise from Finland

Turnkey water project contractor

Our solution

Econet implements water treatment projects worldwide as a turnkey water project contractor. Our water treatment equipment is designed to operate in demanding conditions and under heavy industrial loads. The fight for clean water is a global megatrend, and our experts work tirelessly to ensure clean water for all – one water plant and one factory at a time. From design to commissioning, Econet offers cost-efficient solutions for municipal drinking water plants, industrial process water plants as well as plants to produce additional desalinated water and condensation purification in power plants.

Benefit for the customer

  • State-of-the-art water treatment expertise.
  • Complete system from process design to commissioning with one contractor.
  • Economical and technically reliable solutions.

Competitive advantage

It’s all about taking responsibility. Econet implements a complete system from process design to commissioning. Our experts handle the full range of water treatment processes and have extensive experience managing large-scale international projects.

Customer segment

Water and wastewater treatment solutions for industry and municipalities.


Econet stands for WaterHow – a Finnish expert solving water engineering and project management challenges worldwide since 2002.


Econet has excellent references for both industrial and municipal customers in all size categories.


Heikki Viitanen
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