Regional water situation

Ostrobothnia 11.4.

The water levels in the rivers of Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia have reached flood levels, due to the rainfall and melting snow, caused by the warm weather. In Nikkola, Kyrönjoki, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the water rose over the flood limit, and the flood gates in the embankment area were opened to protect the Ilmajoki town centre. In Lapuanjoki, too, the water is rising rapidly on the Pouttu dam, and approaching the limit when water has to be drained into the embankment areas. In places, the water has flooded the lowest areas, such as fields and local roads. In the Kyrönjoki river basin in Kauhajoki, residential buildings are in danger of getting wet, and the moving ice downstream of Seinäjoki may cause problems in the lower reaches of River Kyrönjoki during Thursday. In Närpiönjoki and Lapuanjoki, water may flood fields more widely, as well as cut off local roads. According to forecasts, the flood peaks of the rivers in Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia will mainly take place between Thursday and Friday. In many places, the water will rise well above the average spring flood level.

In North Ostrobothnia, water may rise to the height of an average spring flood this week, and as the flow rates increase, ice jams may form if hard ice starts moving more widely. Ice cuttings have been carried out to reduce the risk of ice jams in North Ostrobothnia.

The water levels in River Iijoki have not yet started rising. The spring flood in mid-May is forecast to be average.

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