Regional water situation

Ostrobothnia 22.9.

Due to heavy rainfall, the water levels in the rivers and lakes of South and Central Ostrobothnia have risen to high levels compared to seasonal averages, although not as high as in the beginning of September. According to forecasts, rainfall is decreasing, and water levels are starting to decline. At River Lapuanjoki in Liinamaa, the water has risen to the lowest fields and will remain there until next week.

The water levels of the lakes in the area are still high and will remain high during the autumn. E.g., Lappajärvi is 80 cm higher than average.

In North Ostrobothnia and Iijoki, water levels have also risen due to last week’s rainfall, albeit not as fast as in the south. In the North Ostrobothnia region, the water levels are already beginning to decline, but in Iijoki, the surfaces will continue to rise until next week.

In Iijoki, Lake Pudasjärvi is approximately 70 cm higher than usual. Flow regulations of Lake Kostonjärvi and Lake Irnijärvi are approximately 18–20 m3/s.

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