Regional water situation

Lapland 12.4.

The water levels of rivers in Northern Finland have not changed much from the previous week’s levels, and at the moment, they are mainly close to the average level of the season. The snow water equivalent around the rivers in Lapland is mainly close to the average in April but is slightly higher than average in River Muonionjoki and the headwaters of River Ounasjoki. Based on the current forecast, spring floods will take place in many places towards the end of May, and they are expected to mostly correspond to the average spring flood or be slightly larger. At River Tornionjoki, spring floods are expected to be larger than average. However, at this stage of spring, flood forecasts are still uncertain. The weather is forecast to cool down after the weekend, meaning that no major changes are expected in the water levels of rivers. This week’s warm period may raise the water levels slightly in Southern Lapland.

Of the largest lakes in the region, Lake Kemijärvi’s water level is around its average level in April. The water level will not drop significantly in the coming weeks. The water levels of Lokka and Porttipahta are slightly lower than average and are not expected to fall before spring. The water level of Lake Inarijärvi is close to its average level in April and declining.

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