Regional water situation

Lapland 22.9.

In Southern and Central Lapland, the water levels in rivers have risen due to the heavy rainfall. In places, water levels are forecast to rise to high levels considering the time period, for example in the Kemijoki region, and flood peaks should occur at the weekend or the beginning of next week. Discharges are expected to decline next week if the rainfall remains low in the next few days.

Of the largest lakes in the region, Lake Kemijärvi’s water level has started to rise due to heavy rainfall and is slightly higher than its average level in September. The water level is expected to rise to approximately 15 cm from the upper limit of regulation and remain higher than the normal autumn level in early October. The water levels of the Lokka and Porttipahta reservoirs have also started to rise and are about 30 cm below average. The water level of Lake Inarijärvi is slightly elevated compared to its average level in late September.

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