Regional water situation

Kanta-Häme, Pirkanmaa and Pori region 9.4.

In the Kokemäenjoki river basin, the water levels of Loimijoki and Puujoki rivers are again rising, as the snow melts rapidly. According to the forecast, the flood peak in Loimijoki this week will be smaller than the peak in mid-March. The flows of the regulated lakes in Pirkanmaa have been increased according to the situation downstream, thus providing as much space as possible for future meltwaters.

The water levels of the large natural lakes in the river basin area are in their spring rise, and the water levels are expected to rise well above average spring flood levels by mid-May. The water level in Keurusselkä is currently approximately 40 cm higher than average, and in Tarjanne, as well as in the lakes along the Längelmävesi and Hauho route, the deviation from average is 20-30 cm.

There is still plenty of snow in the Karvianjoki river basin, and the water levels of rivers and lakes are rising, due to snowmelt and rainfall. Water levels may rise to flood heights during this week, putting the lowest-lying fields and cottages at risk of getting wet.

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