Regional water situation

Southern and Southwest Finland 22.9.

The water levels of the rivers of Southern and Southwest Finland are somewhat higher than is typical of the season. The rainfall forecast for the weekend will quickly become visible in water systems due to wet soil. If the rainfall on Saturday is as heavy as the most extreme forecasts suggest, the water level of River Vantaanjoki, for example, will rise clearly again. In Southwest Finland, the water level of River Sirppujoki is already higher than usual because of rainfall in the last few days, and new rainfall might raise it higher than in late August.

In places, water levels of lakes are clearly higher than is usual for the season. The water level of Lake Pyhäjärvi in Säkylä is approximately 20 cm higher than the median of the time period, and flow regulation from the lake is higher than ever before in September in the 21st century. Lakes Hiidenvesi and Lohjanjärvi are at a level typical for the time period, and the water level of the natural Lake Pyhäjärvi in Artjärvi is slightly above the average level of the season.

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